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A Reception - Year 6 Catholic Primary School

Learning Technologies

Antonio Catholic School has always been known as an innovative school and that is particularly the case with Learning Technologies, which are embedded in all aspects of the curriculum.

We believe Learning Technologies are best used in schools to support contemporary, inclusive learning for all children, balanced with learning in the natural environment.

At Antonio we utilise iPads.  This technology provides a strong platform for supporting collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and inquiry.  With the Apple Classroom package, educators can support and monitor student learning closely.

Our Reception - Year 2 students access sets of iPads, while our Years 3 to 6 students engage in our one-to-one iPad program.  These iPads are owned and managed by the school and are included in the school fees.  

Wireless technology means students can easily access the school network and the internet across the school site enabling students to enhance their learning where it is happening. Students and educators can share their innovations, creations and learning by connecting wirelessly with the learning community display screens.

Our aim is to teach our students using the latest equipment and technology and to prepare them for using these tools at secondary school and life in resourceful and respectful ways.


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