Everyone Matters...
and Matters

A Reception - Year 6 Catholic Primary School

Vision, Mission, Values and Principles


Antonio Catholic School community members are active learners who are confident, compassionate and committed to quality in their faith, relationships and work.


We are a faith-centred community of learners committed to connected relationships with God, self and others.  Learning is student centred with a strong commitment to quality and self management.  Members of the school community are self motivated, respectful and inclusive of others, and willingly meet the challenges of lifelong learning.


At Antonio we deepen our understanding of the following values so we can live and speak to these daily:

Justice - We seek fairness and equity, reaching out to others and our environment.

Integrity - We act with courage, honesty and respect with all.

Inspire - We seek to inspire with our words and actions with humility, creativity and purpose.

Joy - We celebrate and share our enjoyment, growth and achievements together.


Our principles are valued by staff, students and families and support our work to achieve thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires.

We value relationships

Building and maintaining constructive relationships support learning and wellbeing.

We are active, skilled teachers and learners

At Antonio we respect and empower the role of educators and students to teach and learn as active participants.  We recognise parents and carers as the primary educators of their children.

We share high expectations

We have high expectations ourselves, each other and our students.

At Antonio everyone matters and matters absolutely.

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