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A Reception - Year 6 Catholic Primary School

Student Well-Being

The well being of students is given priority at Antonio

Our staff care deeply for the students and give priority to creating and maintaining quality relationships.

Learning at Antonio is underpinned by a contemporary pedagogy and supported by a significant student well-being program across all age groups.

We believe it is important our students are provided with the support they need and also develop the tools and dispositions to thrive as successful learners and leaders at school and beyond.

We achieve this by utilising a variety of resources, theories, programs and initiatives which include:

Berry Street Education Model (BSEM)

In 2019, the whole staff engaged in professional learning engaging in this model.  BSEM is 'purposefully designed to support the sequential development of students' physical, psychological, social and emotional capacities.  It is designed to be responsive to the needs of children and young people as they emerge.'  The domains within the BSEM are Body, Stamina, Engagement and Character, all anchored by Relationship.  Teachers utilise this model and the resources to empower students to develop as thriving, independent, capable learners.

What's the Buzz?

What's the Buzz? is a social and emotional learning program designed to teach children how to think socially and make friendships work.

This program is taught in both small group and whole class settings depending on the needs in our student community. 

Buddy Classes

Each class has a designated buddy class that meet to support academic learning and build personal and social capabilities across our age groups.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is promoted at Antonio.  Our concern for the children in our care extends beyond just their academic well-being to include their health and fitness as well.

Recess and lunch are eaten in a sociable manner in classrooms under supervision and teachers regularly teach students about healthy food choices. 

Tips for parents

  • We realise parents pack lunches and encourage lunch boxes to be filled with whole foods, fresh fruit, home-made cakes and slices
  • Chips, packaged snacks and biscuits are discouraged
  • Check all labels for preservatives and colourings which may cause your child concerns with learning, concentration and discomfort
  • Students are not permitted to have soft drink at school
  • Students are encouraged to bring water only, in drink bottles. Hydration is not only key to good health - it is important for concentration and good learning as well

Use of Mobile Phones and Social Media

Our staff understands that some students carry mobile phones for safety reasons. Mobile phones are an effective tool for communication between parents/carers and their children at appropriate times.

Students at Antonio learn cyber safety as a part of our digital technologies curriculum, to support them to be responsible digital citizens.

To ensure that the learning environment is not disrupted by the ownership or use of mobile phones we believe that there is a need to set some guidelines.

Our guidelines are as follows:

  • During school hours the most effective means of communication is via the staff at the front office. Consequently, mobile phones are not to be used during the hours of 8:30am and 3:10pm.
  • If the mobile phone is lost, broken, stolen or misused by any person, including the owner, the school is not responsible.
  • The use of mobile phones during the recess and lunch breaks is not appropriate.

Whilst there are many benefits in the use of social media, from time to time inappropriate use causes issues in school communities.  Students are not permitted to access social media at school and their well-being is protected by our school's Anti-Harassment/Bullying policy.

If you have further questions on either mobile phones or social media, we would encourage you to speak with our staff.


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