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A Reception - Year 6 Catholic Primary School

Specialist Program

To complement the curriculum facilitated by our home room teachers, our students enjoy weekly specialist lessons in Visual Arts, Italian and Music.


When you come to Antonio Catholic School, you will witness students engaged in learning and rehearsing their next item for another scintillating performance.

Our music lessons are about playing, singing, moving, having fun and performing. These performances involve every child, every term and are the highlight of school assemblies, functions and community gatherings.

Students play instruments ranging from pianos, electric guitars, ukuleles and drums to xylophones, glockenspiels and metallophones. These all combine to create orchestras in every class. Students also learn the music theory necessary for reading, writing and composing their songs.

Students at Antonio have the opportunity to be members of Drumming Groups, the Antonio Band, Junior Choir or Senior Choir. They can also having individual music tuition on piano, guitar, flute, saxophone and clarinet.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts lessons at Antonio nurture children's creativity and imagination, while fostering their feelings of esteem and success.

Our students are given opportunities to explore and experiment with a wide range of different art materials, mediums and tools.  They are encouraged to express what they think and feel and convey their views using line, shape, colour, design, mass and texture.  The visual arts program also aims to broaden children's awareness of important artworks and art periods and to see art as an integral part of society.


The Italian language and cultural program prepares our students at Antonio to effectively participate in our culturally and linguistically diverse world. Italian is an accessible language for children to learn as it is phonetically based, and thus successfully sets our students up for greater language acquisition.

During our Italian lessons, students use songs, games, stories and activities to learn and develop their language skills. Digital Technologies are incorporated into the program, allowing children to explore Italy and its culture. The Italian language and cultural program fosters a love of language learning and an appreciation of cultural diversity.


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