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A Reception - Year 6 Catholic Primary School

Specialist Program

To complement the curriculum facilitated by our home room teachers, our students enjoy weekly specialist lessons in Visual Arts, Italian and Music.


When you come to Antonio Catholic School, you will witness students engaged in learning and rehearsing their next item for another scintillating performance.

Our music lessons are about playing, singing, moving, having fun and performing. These performances involve every child, every term and are the highlight of school assemblies, functions and community gatherings.

Students play instruments ranging from pianos, electric guitars, ukuleles and drums to xylophones, glockenspiels and metallophones. These all combine to create orchestras in every class. Students also learn the music theory necessary for reading, writing and composing their songs.

Students at Antonio have the opportunity to be members of Drumming Groups, the Antonio Band, Junior Choir or Senior Choir. They can also having individual music tuition on piano, guitar, flute, saxophone and clarinet.


Physical Education

Children at Antonio love to engage in a wide range of physical education activities where they improve their minds and bodies.  Our specialist sports teacher utilises our full size gymnasium, oval, hard play areas and equipment to provide an engaging program from Reception through to Year 6.

This program is supplemented by extra sports team programs co-ordinated after school and on weekends for Reception to Year 6 students.  Our students also have the opportunity to represent our school in Catholic School Sports Carnivals and SAPSASA regional teams.

In 2021 our children will be enjoying two Physical Education lessons per week to provide a strong program that will support their wellbeing and physical growth and development.

The students are able to engage in daily fitness acitivites with their home room teachers who are supported by our specialist sports teacher.


In 2021 we are reviewing our Languages program.  We will be working closely with our community to look at languages options of Italian, Indonesian, Auslan and Kaurna for 2022 onwards.  At Antonio we stretch our thinking, capabilities and perspectives by learning about different cultures and languages together.


8 Bains Rd, MORPHETT VALE SA 5162